About us

We started Researchers' Desk in response to the call by made by the young people of the world who said "listen to the scientists." Our goal is to spread knowledge to the public about the ongoing climate and biodiversity crisis.

Researchers' Desk is a Swedish non-profit organisation. We unite researchers and civil society in pursuit of knowledge-based solutions to the ongoing climate and biodiversity crisis. We create meeting places between the general public and experts where knowledge, insights, and scientific facts are shared. Our organisation is independent and politically non-partisan.

Our activities are financed through membership fees, lectures and, where applicable, grants from universities, foundations, authorities and the like. We value and safeguard our researchers' scientific objectivity and integrity.

Finally, and most importantly: We are not only researchers. We are also ordinary people. Many of us have children. We are deeply concerned about climate change. And our concern is based on science.


Researchers’ Desk was founded on October 28, 2019.

Board members:

  • Alasdair Skelton (Chairperson)

  • Isabelle McAllister

  • Martin Hedberg

  • Maria Johansson

  • Maria Wolrath-Söderberg

  • Paul Glantz

  • Romina Martin

Reserve members

  • Magnuz Engardt

  • Shervin Shahnavaz

  • Sofia Lindström

  • My Schüldt


  • Glenn Bark

If you would like to support our activities, you are welcome to join us and/or support us financially.

Want to know more about our researchers?


Most of our researchers work at major Swedish universities. Their expertise spans multiple disciplines within the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. By engaging with experts from beyond academia, our researchers are empowered with the transdisciplinary perspective that is vital for taking on the ongoing climate and biodiversity crisis.

Reseachers' Desk member, Iain Pitcairn, collecting samples for research on the climate of the past.

We also have some amazing friends!

Our friends support Researchers’ Desk’s work for a just transition in response to the climate and biodiversity crisis that is based on knowledge.