Developing Climate Dialogue and Action through Poetry & Games

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Sep 26 2023

In this illuminating session, we explore the innovative confluence of poetry and games as tools for advancing climate dialogue and action. These mediums, often viewed as separate from scientific discourse, have the transformative potential to bridge divides and foster meaningful engagement between scientists and the wider community. By integrating art and play with science, we can create impactful conversations that inspire both understanding and action. Dive into an engaging exploration of how merging artistic expression and interactive play can catalyze positive change for our planet's future. Bio: Dr. Sam Illingworth is an Associate Professor at Edinburgh Napier University and award-winning researcher in science communication, with an emphasis on fostering dialogue through poetry and games. As the Chief Executive Editor of Geoscience Communication and founder of the poetry journal Consilience, his passion lies in bridging the gap between scientists and society. You can find out more about his work and research via his website Worth to link to are also: and